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EXSTREAMS was developed by Expo City Dubai, the innovation-driven, people-centric city of the future, as the ultimate destination for exciting, entertaining, and educational online content. The platform retains the opportunity to virtually visit and experience the magic of Expo 2020 Dubai as well as to get a glimpse into the future with new and exciting content curated by Expo City.
EXSTREAMS is a free platform that provides on-demand streaming and immersive experiences for everyone to enjoy. By registering, Expo City Dubai will notify you when new content is available for you to enjoy. Whether you are nostalgic for Expo 2020 Dubai or eager to explore the future of AI technology, EXSTREAMS offers a diverse library of content to cater to your interests.

Please note that some live streamed and recorded content may contain inappropriate content for younger audiences. Viewers are advised to use their discretion when watching.
EXSTREAMS is a free platform everyone around the world can enjoy. To support your free viewing experience, we utilise ads on the platform with no interruptions to your viewing enjoyment.
Expo City Dubai invites you to join its global community of enthusiasts, thinkers, and creators who share a passion for the limitless potential of technological development and innovation.

Share the content or idea you would like to see on EXSTREAMS by reaching out to Expo City’s EXTREAMS team at
An incubator for innovation, fostering the exploration of emerging technologies, Expo City Dubai created EXSTREAMS to provide meaningful, relevant and stimulating educational and cultural experiences that inspire learning, agency and creativity.

If you are already a registered member and would like to learn more about EXSTREAMS’ features and other details, click here.
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